You Cease to Amaze Me...

Wouldnt that suck hearing that? I mean, to hear someone say that to you... It is like they're saying you act the same way all the time, you have no variety, you're just that particular way and no way else. I hate when people react to something and someone else says,"I knew you'd say that!" When you didnt even know you'd react that way. I dont know why i feel so strongly about this, but i do. I feel like the next time someone says this to me, im going to change, drastically maybe.

I dont think people realize that it's really not a nice thing to say, i know people dont mean any harm by it, but still. To tell someone you knew what they'd do, before they even did it, well it made me think. I guess im just sick of being so predictable, i dont even amaze myself anymore. -sighs-




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